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The Rose Foundation Store used oil, save the environment
South Africa generates an average of 120 million litres of used lubricant oil in a year. This is a large amount of used oil that, if not collected and recycled responsibly, could
30 Aug 2018
Waste management: a conversation we all need to have When it comes to waste management in South Africa, the reality is that we are lagging far behind the rest of the world
While your average man on the street will tell you that what happens to their waste is not of their concern and is the government's responsibility, the truth is that the onus
16 Aug 2018 - A. H.
SAPICS – your supply chain community Reduce, reuse, recycle isn’t enough
Change is needed throughout entire product lifecycle
24 Aug 2016
WASTE Ensuring compliance
Although SA has made great strides in addressing issues experienced in waste management, the industry remains problematic, unsustainable and unable to achieve legislative goals and targets.
25 Sep 2015
UK's largest garden building firm targets Africa Dunster House Ltd's new sanitation solutions
The United Kingdom’s largest garden building manufacturer, Dunster House Ltd, has announced it is targeting the African marketplace to become a supplier of their unique sanitation solutions in the near future.
08 Jul 2013 - L. A.
Recycling Bins for Schools project Knysna Municipality donates recycling drums to schools
The Knysna Municipality provided 14 schools with 42 bins for recycling as part of an ongoing initiative to raise environmental awareness and encourage sustainable waste management practices in communities
19 Jun 2013 - K. M.
Municipalities learn to manage waste SALGA promotes knowledge sharing
With the threat of landfill sites reaching full capacity municipalities are always looking for new ways of managing waste and to ensure environmental sustainability
06 Jun 2013 - S.
Businesses to get involved in Green Office Week Preserving water at work
Green Office Week (GOW) reminds us that sustainability issues are on the top of the agenda and whether your organisation is large or small, ‘green’ behaviours have to form a part of everyone’s work habits.
15 Apr 2013


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