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Reaching New Frontiers SENTECH’s Broadcasting and Digital Services Reaching New Frontiers
SENTECH is the premier provider of electronic communications network services to the broadcasting and communications industry. SENTECH is licensed to provide Electronic
16 Aug 2018
Public - Private Partnerships PPPs can bring heads together to solve both water shortages and floods
As South Africa’s rapid urbanisation places a growing burden on municipalities, both to supply enough treated water in dry seasons and to control run-off in wet seasons,
16 Aug 2018 - P. S.
Rethinking Cities Rethink Cities In Arid Environments
Cape Town’s prolonged water shortage has thrown into sharp relief the need for the city and its residents to be proactive in the long-term management of its water demand and
28 Jun 2018
THE LAW BEHIND THE TRIPLE P Many PPPs have turned out to be great success stories, but there are far to few going around
Public-Private Partnerships, or PPPs, have become more commonplace in South Africa since the rise of South Africa’s constitutional democracy. Despite the initially
19 Oct 2017
SPEEDCRAFT MANUFACTURING Supreme quality in our products
Due to an abundance of resources and untapped potential, Africa is the world’s next economic growth frontier. This growth however, needs major investments into
23 Nov 2016
LACK OF WATER Lack of water a cause for concern
Water is the most important shared resource across all supply chains, yet wastewater is the largest untapped waste category we have globally. With water scarcity spreading and
15 Sep 2016
TRANSPORT New Management Centre in Ekurhuleni
Ekurhuleni Municipality invested R16 million in a state-of-art Transport Management Centre.
18 May 2016
URBANISATION Smart performance
Measuring the performance of smart cities is crutial when it comes to the development of sustainable urban spaces, writes Maria Lazarte
23 Mar 2016
INFRASTRUCTURE Bridges of hope
The City of Joburg is bridging the mobility divide, creating bridges between its communities and nodes to facilitate economic growth
10 Feb 2016
CITY OF JOBURG Modes of transport
The City of Johannesburg is investing more than R150 million to widen sidewalks, add cycle lanes and introduce dedicated public transport lanes for all forms of transport in Sandton.
31 May 2015


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