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Cyber resilience Essential to the delivery of smart public services
Technology has changed the face of the public sector, with trends like the Internet of things (IoT) shaking the very foundation of the way business is done. But as the world
02 Aug 2018
PRESS RELEASE Garden Route Investment Conference
Significant investment attraction for the Garden Route is currently underway through strategic partnerships between the Eden District Municipality, Provincial Government, Local
10 Jan 2018
SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR RAKES IN OVER R600-MILLION TURNOVER Innovative Solutions Group™ takes the market by storm
South Africa’s economy owes a lot to those businessmen and entrepreneurs whose success has spurred job creation and skills development. One such individual is Arnoux
19 Oct 2017
BUSINESS LANGUAGE The value of language in business interaction
Is it perhaps a chicken and egg situation? A question of which is more important than the other in business interaction? In fact, which of the two enables the other?  From
22 Nov 2016
DEVELOPMENT, ACCESS AND GROWTH GovTech 2016 lays foundations for Development, Access and Growth
Information and communications technology (ICT) have hailed in the fourth industrial revolution setting a new benchmark for business. However, this era of the Internet of Things
17 Oct 2016
FUTURE DEVELOPMENT PLANS African cities to connect with developers and investors in Cape Town on future development plans
African Real Estate Summit to gather full spectrum of real estate sector
29 Sep 2016
THOUGHT LEADERSHIP So, you’d like to be a thought leader?
Joel Kurtzman editor in chief of Strategy & Business magazine, used the term in 1994 for a series of interviews and it has since gained currency on TED talks and in
15 Sep 2016
HOW TO RETAIN STAFF IN TOUGH BUSINESS TIMES As the country’s economy continues to look bleak, South African businesses are under extreme financial distress, with both employers and employees feeling the pinch. 
This is according to Kay Vittee, CEO of Quest Staffing Solutions, who indicates that with the largest volume of protests seen in the South African history, including university
01 Sep 2016
ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT IN SOUTH AFRICA Building female owned businesses is critical to economic and social development in South Africa
Women are underestimated powerhouses of an economy. This is not a fact that is relevant only to South Africa, but it is a global phenomenon. Mike Anderson, CEO and founder of the
01 Sep 2016
IoDSA South Africa needs competent directors
The Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan, has recently renewed his calls for a new board to be appointed at South African Airways (SAA). His comments come as the national
17 Aug 2016


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