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Prof. Dovhani Thakhathi of the University of Fort Hare.
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The National Rural Leadership Development Conference brings leadership excellence training to Limpopo’s Makonde community leaders, uniting them behind improved service delivery.

Up to 200 community leaders in Makonde, Limpopo, will come together on 27 April for the maiden National Rural Leadership Development Conference (NRLDC).

The forum has been made possible through a partnership between the Southern African Institute for Business Accountants (SAIBA) and public administration and management specialist, Prof. Dovhani Thakhathi of the University of Fort Hare.

SAIBA is a voluntary, recognised and national professional body for business accountants.

With more than 2000 members and associates, its focus is to assist members to identify opportunities for growth within a complex business and legal environment.

The NRLDC will focus on leadership excellence through which to build organisational capacity, with the goal of improved service delivery.

“We are bringing leaders from different areas including churches, schools, municipal wards, non-profit organisations, youth and women’s organisations together to focus on what it takes to be an effective leader, at the same time applying this to their role in Makonde,” said Prof. Thakhathi.

“We are taking training into communities, presenting to leaders in their language on how to build capacity to be able to deliver on terms of references, functions, strategic objectives and mandates,” he said, emphasising that SAIBA understands the vision to reach out to rural leaders.

Noting that most leadership conferences are done in cities he added that SAIBA’s partnership “helps us make it easy for community leaders to access skills and share knowledge”.

Commenting on the strategic nature of the partnership for SAIBA, acting chief executive, Nicolaas van Wyk, said: “This is a flagship leadership excellence event for us.

"We have a long-term commitment to take entrepreneurship, public administration, local government and business management training into communities in partnership with Prof. Thakhathi who has, to date, made a significant difference in communities through leadership development training.

“Investment in the leadership community in rural areas is underestimated and lacks support from professional bodies that tend to focus on technical matters.

"However leadership and accepting responsibility allows you to apply your skills in the right direction – to the benefit of your community.

"Lack of service delivery is a burning issue in South Africa. Our response should be more than just focusing on improving accounting skills.

"Strong leadership is critical to improving service delivery.

"By creating ‘pockets of leadership excellence’ in communities, people will have leaders who lead by skill and example,” concluded van Wyk.

For more information visit www.saiba.org.za.

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