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Some of the mayors and municipal managers who attended Salga's engagement sessions.
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Mayors and municipal managers from across the country with unfavourable audit outcomes attended Salga's engagement sessions with the aim to improve their audit outcomes by 2014. 

The annual auditing of the financial statements of municipalities by the auditor-general (AG) gives an important independent evaluation of our ability to deliver on our mandate”, says Salga chairperson Cllr Thabo Manyoni, addressing the sessions.

The first of the two sessions took place in Sandton and was arranged for the inland provinces of Gauteng, North West, Limpopo, Mpumalanga and Free State. The second one was held in East London and brought together the coastal provinces of Eastern Cape, Western Cape, Northern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal.  

According to Salga, a total of 97 municipalities were selected to attend the sessions on the basis of their audit outcomes as identified in the AG’s report to participate in this process. The engagement’s main aim was to agree on a road map through which these municipalities will follow in order to improve their audit outcomes by 2014.

Some of the municipalities which received unqualified audits with no findings were invited to share their achievement so that others can learn from them.

Leadership has been identified as one of the challenges faced by local government. Manyoni said the AG’s report gives a “reflection of mayors and municipal managers’ ability to provide leadership for effective governance and administration”. Salga believes that local government leadership must have a clear understanding of the root causes of problems and find ways of identifying key success factors.

Manyoni said the ultimate responsibility to improve audit outcomes rests with leaders in local government. He said “it is important for leaders to help in turning the situation around and to restore public confidence in local government”. The political leadership of the selected municipalities committed their support by signing a pledge to ensure the success of this endeavour.


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