Caesars Dam Water Treatment Works upgrade in final stage

The Caesars Dam Water Treatment Works
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The upgrade of the Caesars Dam Water Treatment Works in the Addo region will alleviate the water shortage problem that the Eastern Cape town of Paterson is currently facing due to the increased water demand.

South Africa’s leading black-owned engineering consulting firm, GIBB, is currently involved in the final phase of the project, due for completion in April 2014. The scope of work on the project, which commenced in August 2012, is valued at some R13.7 million and includes the upgrading of the Caesars Dam Water Treatment Works in Addo.

The upgrading of the Caesars Dam Water Treatment Works is part of the Paterson Bulk Water Supply Project (PBWS) aimed at supplying water to Paterson and its surrounding areas, which has an estimated population of 8 681 people.

Thulani Gumede, Design Engineer at GIBB said the town needs at least 250m3 of water per hour, but the water treatment works currently only pumps 145m3 per hour.

“The town currently obtains all of its potable water from groundwater abstracted from boreholes. The water is supplied via five boreholes located outside the town, but only four boreholes are used for domestic consumption as the fifth borehole is contaminated. The upgrade will alleviate the problem of the town obtaining its water from boreholes, which remains largely inadequate and is a health risk.”

GIBB’s scope of work includes the upgrade of two raw water pumps with the combined capacity of 266m³ per hour and a standby pump; the upgrading of 50m of rising main from 150mm diameter to 250mm diameter; new concrete clarifier and a set of rapid gravity sand filters and the upgrade of a chemical storage and dosing system.

The upgrade of the water supply is expected to contribute positively to agricultural activities in the area, which have over the past year been severely affected by the water shortage. This has had a concomitant negative effect on employment sustainability and job creation in the area.

The upgrade of the Caesars Dam Water Treatment Works is critical as the municipality has considerable eco-tourism and agricultural potential. The Addo Elephant National Park (AENP) is an important economic driver in the area, while the Sundays River Valley, which the Paterson town forms part of, is regarded as one of the key production areas for citrus and deciduous fruit farming in South Africa.


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