Safe disposal of hazardous waste

Unati Dube (left) and John Ndlovu (back) of Mandlesilo Transport receiving assistance in how to complete the waste manifest documentation when collecting oil from a customer
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The safe disposal of hazardous waste has become a critical issue for business in South Africa with measures of accountability being laid down in the Waste Act 59 of 2008 and the National Waste Information Regulations of 2012. This legislation controls the collection of information on waste and waste management in South Africa, to fulfil the objectives of the National Waste Information System (SAWIS).

Waste generators must comply with the following areas of waste management:

Registering on SAWIS
Generators producing in excess of 20kg of hazardous waste a day must register on SAWIS at http://cr.environment.gov.za/.

Once registered, generators must submit information to SAWIS within 90 days, based on actual volumes, not estimates.
Before registering with the Department of Environmental Affairs' Central Registry, generators should check check if their sites and/or activities are not already registered on the SAWIS website.

If you find that your site is already registered, but not the specific activity, log onto the Central Registry using the username and password provided to you and register any additional activities.

If you find that your activity is already registered, use the DEA registration number, username and password provided to you to access the central registry through the login. For more information on this, contact the DEA Central Registry Administrator.

If you find that your site and activity are not already registered, and you are required to register.

The first requirement is to select the registration 'type' for which you are applying. Choose from the list: Hazardous waste exporter; Hazardous Waste Generator; Waste Disposal; Waste Recovery/Recycling or Waste Treatment.

All new registrations are required to fill in some basic information about the registration type, the site, the company and the contact person. Certain of these fields are compulsory (indicated by an *) and must be provided to ensure a successful registration.

Upon saving your registration, an email will be sent notifying you that your registration is currently awaiting authourisation by the Department.
Depending on the validity of your registration, the responsible system administrator will either approve or decline your registration. You will be notified of your registration approval via email.  If you have not provided an email address in your registration application, you will be notified telephonically, or via fax or post.

All successful registrations will be issued with a DEA unique registration number, a username and a password, which may be used to then login into the central registry to change any information as and when required.

Transport of hazardous waste and documentation

When arranging for waste to be transported to a registered and licensed waste management facility, generators must have a waste manifest for each load of hazardous waste.

Penalties and fines

Any person convicted of an offence is liable to a substantial fine or imprisonment, depending on which section of the Act has been contravened. Good news for used oil generators is that NORA-SA collectors can assist  used oil generators with completing the standard Waste Manifest documents, relieving them of this regulatory burden.

For more information and to register visit http://cr.environment.gov.za/index.php. For more information on used oil recycling in South Africa contact the ROSE Foundation on (021) 448 7492 or visit www.rosefoundation.org.za.



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