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As a business professional in your organisation you cannot afford to have less than the most up-to-date information on corporate governance practice requirements. From the King Report to the Companies Act, government has introduced many reforms to corporate governance in South Africa over the last few years.

To help you or one of your colleagues determine what compliance measures to introduce into your workplace to meet your governance obligations, AstroTech is presenting a training course on “Corporate Governance”. So don’t delay, enroltoday and ensure you are meeting your organisation’s corporate governance requirements. The course will run in the Johannesburg area on 29 and 30 June 2016.

The course will cover key elements of corporate governance, and will include among other things the following key topics:

  • Understanding Corporate Governance as per the King III Report
  • The main Corporate Governance requirements of the Companies Act
  • Key Roles and Responsibilities of Directors and Officers
  • Important Board Committees
  • Requirements of Auditing and Audit Committees
  • An overview of the requirements for ethics, compliance & sustainability
  • Broad requirements for Risk Management
  • Implementing accountability in the workplace in terms of the provisions of the Labour Relations Act
  • Preventing and combating fraud and corruption

For further information please contact Stephen on 011-582 3222.

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