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Tourism and business opportunities

Putting Durban on the map

Municipality going all out to ensure Durban is more popular with tourist.
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The tourism sector has the potential to contribute to the economic growth of the country. For the City of Durban to be an international destination of choice, people have to know about the city and get attracted to what they hear and see.

This was evident when the business support, tourism and markets unit (BSTMU) recently launched the Community Tourism Organisation (CTO) at the Southern Sun Hotel.

The establishment of CTOs is an initiative by the Durban Tourism Office, with the aim of ensuring eThekwini is well-marketed locally and internationally and so that its marketing efforts have a bigger impact by roping in the private sector.

Andrew Layman, chief executive of the Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said this partnership will have a positive impact on the economy of eThekwini and that it is important for the CTOs to work closely with their communities and the private sector to ensure the success of these initiatives.

“We, as the Chamber, support this programme and we encourage these CTOs to make sure that they recognise the power of the private sector,” he added.

Head of the BSTMU Philip Sithole said the purpose of this initiative was to ensure we realise the potential of the tourism sector and the impact that it can have on our economy.

“We appreciate council’s decision to approve the budget to support CTOs in terms of all the necessary resources and infrastructure, and we will be working closely with them in order to take the City to another level. The idea is that these CTOs should serve a purpose of marketing the City in a particular route (working with the municipality) in order to also target domestic tourism, as it was important for sustainability,” he explained.

Nelisa Mshengu from Durban Tourism said that the City acknowledged the importance of domestic tourism and that the tourism department would be working in partnership with CTOs to work on new ideas that would attract more tourists to Durban.

“Nine CTOs have already been established and we recognise the role they can play in marketing the city and that this will be a positive contribution to the City’s economy and job creation,” she said.

Durban Tourism has embarked on a ‘Know Your City Campaign’ to promote domestic tourism, with a series of activations in township areas and other areas within the eThekwini region. These include the 'Crazy Store 1000 Hills Challenge', which was aimed at promoting domestic tourism, as it is critical for sustainability during off-peak seasons.

Other events that are in line with this campaign include the ‘Woza eNanda Challenge’, Good Food and Wine Show and other activations in townships and surrounding areas.


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