Time to hold hands

Spotlight on physical asset management

Time to hold hands

Physical asset management is in its infancy at government level.

The public sector is aware of the challenges they are facing regarding non-maintenance and the aging and degrading of existing facilities, and is in the process of implementing policies to ensure proper asset management in future.

According to Nico Jobe Mabaso, Executive Manager: Business Developer at Pragma, the challenges of the past remain the challenges of the future.

“The public sector is greatly challenged by the fact that many people still don’t have access to clean water, electricity and healthcare.

"On top of that, we have an aging infrastructure, so where does one start?

"Do you put money towards maintaining the infrastructure first or spend money on housing, water and electricity supply?

"This chicken and egg situation is the biggest block towards creating meaningful progress with regards to physical asset management,” says Mabaso.

Most of the opportunities in this sector lie at local government level.

“This is where delivery takes place. The first step in assisting local government would be to conduct an AMIP assessment (status quo assessment) this will then inform a way forward such as asset management strategy development, the drawing up of an asset register including remaining useful life span, asset value and various asset maintenance solutions.

"With our assistance, service delivery will improve due to proper asset care and management of assets, saving up to 75% in the breakdown of assets. 

“Preventative asset maintenance is much more effective than reactive asset management, which of course will lead to more funds being available for other services within the public sector.

"We’ve proven without a shadow of a doubt that proper physical asset management is key to improved and sustainable service delivery.”

Some of Pragma’s success stories in the public sector include the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality Energy Department, Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality as well as the City of Cape Town.

“We’ve also successfully done projects with Magalies Water, Johannesburg City Parks as well as the municipality of Newcastle.

"EThekwini Metro and Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality have recently renewed their contracts with Pragma for a period of three years.

"As an example, Pragma supports the City of Cape Town’s Electrical Support Services (ESS), Fleet Management and Maintenance Services (FMMS) divisions." 

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