by Vishal Ramphal

Supply Chain and Logistics

Crossroads to take Puma Energy cross-border


These are certainly good days for Crossroads. The integrated and holistic approach adopted by the supply chain and logistics service provider continues to bear fruit, typified by the recent award to Crossroads Namibia of the tender to transport packed oil and lubricants from Durban to Windhoek on behalf of Puma Energy South Africa. The agreement is for a three-year period and is valued in the region of R3 million.

The tender, previously held by Unitrans Namibia, is a major success for Crossroads Namibia as it will bring the company to the attention of South African businesses looking for a reliable cross-border logistics and distribution service provider. It will also create back loading opportunities for Crossroads  from Namibia to South Africa. The size of the tender, along with the fact that the company can easily assimilate the work load into their current infrastructure, means that Crossroads will be able to increase their vehicle utilization. 

The manner in which Crossroads won the contract will also be of great encouragement to both the company and their future partners in the region. “Our price, our relationship with them, as well as our safety [standards]”, explains Robert Benade, regional manager for Crossroads in Namibia. These sentiments were firmly echoed by Sanet Pake, Regional Supply & Logistics Manager for Puma Energy. 

“Crossroads is a reputable company with an outstanding reputation and the outcome of their assessment was very positive. Crossroads meet and exceed Puma Energy’s standards and so we were comfortable that we were appointing one of the best!” stated Pake. “We are looking at building a strong, long term relationship and a partnership that is beneficial for both parties. We rely on the experience and expertise they offer to ensure the highest level of service which is efficient, reliable and above all, safe to the public and friendly to the environment.”

In order to maintain the highest safety standards Crossroads conducts proactive annual and quarterly SHEQ audits. Formal six-monthly audits are carried out on management and operational systems, and on vehicles and equipment. Crossroads is also one of the first supply chain and logistics service providers in South Africa to voluntarily adopt the Road Traffic Management System (RTMS) standard for operators. 

Crossroads Namibia will be using their current Namibian general fleet and will use link and tautliner combination vehicles to transfer the goods.

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