Reaching New Frontiers

SENTECH’s Broadcasting and Digital Services Reaching New Frontiers


SENTECH is the premier provider of electronic communications network services to the broadcasting and communications industry. SENTECH is licensed to provide Electronic Communications Network Services (ECNS) and Electronic Communications Services (ECS) services.

SENTECH has 17 offices in South Africa to support around 350 terrestrial broadcast sites. SENTECH has infrastructure that provides up linking and down linking of programmes via satellite and can be used for bi-directional communications as well as for DTH (direct to home) broadcasts. Our masts at high-sites are used for the broadcast of television and radio to the public. These facilities are also utilised by other telecommunications services providers such as cellular phone operators, wireless internet service providers, government entities and private telecommunications companies.

SENTECH fulfilled its mandate by concluding its DTT infrastructure installation process of the 178 transmitter stations nationwide and a Direct-To-Home (DTH) broadcasting infrastructure to ensure 100% DTT access for South African citizens.

SENTECH has successfully completed technical trials for both DRM and DAB+ digital radio broadcast systems. The trials were carried out in Pretoria and Johannesburg and proved very successful, particularly the DAB+ trial as many newer cars come fitted with radios able to tune into DAB+ signals.

The Company has expanded its footprint to clients in sub-Saharan Africa to provide broadcasting managed services such as Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) solutions, Digital Radio (DAB+), training and consultancy services. SENTECH offers a wide range of services designed to meet the needs of broadcast and telecoms operators across the continent.

SENTECH works with governments and broadcasters to plan and implement their digital migration strategies. The experienced team at SENTECH recommend practical and cost-effective broadcasting and digital content delivery solutions that meet the needs of our customers.

As a key industry player in telecommunications and multimedia markets, SENTECH enables broadcasting and digital content services to corporate institutions, government departments and state-owned entities.

Our consulting services are categorized into six offerings as follow:

Network design and integration

Our team of highly skilled engineers will assist you with designing an end-to-end network (DTT), reviewing and remediating obsolete network, reviewing existing environment and providing network expertise and guidance, developing a blue print to assist your organization to optimize your existing networks to eliminate interference, improving coverage and reliability.

Network planning

Our state of the art planning tools and qualified teams are well versed to assist broadcasters and telecoms operators with coverage and spectrum planning that conforms to ITU standards and specifications and to optimize their coverage based on demo graphic analysis;

Regulatory and policy development

SENTECH as active member of the ITU frequency co-ordination committee, our staff can assist organisations to develop and implement policies and regulations based on the guidelines set by the committee, draft and formulate regulations and policies based on best practice and advise clients on regulatory strategy and compliance.

Technical consulting and network audit

All consulting work is done by registered professionals and include elements such as mast design, transmitter design and electrical reticulation. Technical audits of existing networks are conducted on behalf of broadcasters in order to determine the status and operational level of their infrastructure.

Project management

Our qualified project managers work with governments and broadcasters to plan and implement their digital migration strategies. We recommend practical and cost-effective solutions that meet the needs of our customer.

Training through SENTECH’s School of Technology

SENTECH has established a school of technology to provide in service training to staff. This school of technology is also being used by many local and international clients for their training needs on broadcast signal distribution. SENTECH’s standard training offering includes FR transmission, digital broadcasting, FM basic and advanced, electrical and mechanical, and analogue TV basic and advanced. Training can be customised for client depending on their specific needs.

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