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Dunster House Ltd's new sanitation solutions

An example of an Eco Compost Toilet.

Dunster House Ltd, based in the UK, has designed the ‘Eco Compost Toilets’ as an alternative option that can allow the users to recycle waste for use in compost or as plant fertilizers. 

The ‘Eco-Composting Toilets’ are timber built outhouses with a urine diversion system to enable the collection and storage of waste for future use.

Company director, Chris Murphy, explained that there are a variety of potential uses and locations where a waterless toilet can be implemented and offer a sanitation solution.

“Without the need for water; our composting toilets offer a sustainable solution for many rural or remote locations where sewer and water connection is too expensive or unavailable,” he said.

The toilet has been designed to separate waste to allow for users to collect it for potential recyclable purposes if the correct procedures are followed.  

Two waste collection bins are provided underneath the toilet, which can be swapped to allow for the drying process once the first bin is full.

Urine can be diverted into a separate container or into a soak-away in the ground outside of the building. 

Murphy added that urine is high in nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus, which if diluted correctly could be used as a valuable fertilizer supplement while growing plants; whereas faeces can be reused if dried for a significant period of time to eliminate pathogens.

Dunster House are providing 12v off grid solar lighting with aluminium bulb holders and a battery box in order to help to create a comfortable interior for use throughout the day.

Once connected to a battery, which is not supplied, the 15 Watt solar PV panel can charge the battery during reasonable radiation levels for use at night.   

Included with the off grid solar lighting are a variety of fixtures such as a ‘urinal’, ‘hand wash basin’ and a ‘unique toilet lid with a rubber seal’ to minimise odours inside the timber outbuilding. 

The company is currently searching for experienced trade partners with widespread network capabilities with whom they could partner with.

For details regarding the company’s Eco Toilets and export opportunities visit or contact

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