Limpopo investigation

Municipal workers concerned by slow pace

SAMWU's Limpopo provincial secretary, Simon Mathe
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The South African Municipal Workers Union (Samwu) in Limpopo is worried about the slow pace at which law enforcement agencies are handling matters. This is after Samwu had submitted evidence relating to malpractice in various municipalities in Limpopo.

"Subsequent to the anti-corruption march we held last year, criminal cases were opened, case numbers were registered and an investigating officer was assigned to the matter but, sadly, the time frame that was given to us has not been adhered to," says Samwu's Limpopo provincial secretary, Simon Mathe.

According to him, some of the evidence provided to law enforcement agencies does not need further investigation because it is conclusive.

"We want law enforcement agencies to move with speed and bring those involved in corrupt activities at local government to book. The matters are straightforward; we don't expect further delays in arresting the culprits. If government is serious about fighting corruption, they should demonstrate it; you cannot delay the fight against corruption.

"We are resisting the temptation to assume that it is only the Public Protector who takes the fight against corruption serious. We call upon the Hawks to brief us as to what informs the delay currently experienced in investigating corrupt elements in local government and why the unacceptable delays.

"We want to see action being taken; we are often told that we need to help the government fight corruption yet, when we do that, government fails to act. We have maintained that corruption is rife in municipalities and authorities seem to ignore that – we want action now," Mathe concludes.

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