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Interactive exhibition, KwaNunu – place of the animals

KwaNunu – place of the animals is an interactive exhibition that showcases SA's biodiversity and will be held at the Durban Natural Science Museum on Thursday and Friday.
Ethekwini Municipality

The Durban Natural Science Museum will be hosting the annual interactive exhibition called 'KwaNunu – place of the animals' on Thursday and Friday this week.

The purpose of this exhibition is to showcase the biodiversity of South Africa and the role that biodiversity plays in our environment to both local and international visitors, whilst at the same time having local relevance by using carefully constructed and managed displays that can appeal to all ages.

Over the years this event has developed into an even broader and exciting occasion, which is now also a platform that creates awareness about the current status of our environment, heritage and the contrivance to initiate a dialogue among the younger generations about the immediate steps to be taken and the role people can play in conservation. 

The exhibition is an event of exciting mixes of animals that can be seen and touched.

It is a breathtaking experience that exposes people to real experiments, cutting edge research, interactions with professionals and amateur enthusiasts, all with an underlying message of conservation and respect for our nature and heritage. 

This year’s event is targeted at the general public, focusing specifically on family groups, hence it is held during school holidays.

Unlike last year’s one-day event, this fun and creative awareness campaign will be held over a period of two days, so as to give the public more opportunity to be part of this event.

This will be a wonderful occasion for family groups to interact and connect with their natural heritage (or environment) through different fauna and flora that would be exhibited by the various exhibitors that have been invited.

The prime objective of this exhibition is to promote broad public awareness, understanding, appreciation, dialogue and debate about all aspects of the natural sciences and their contribution to humanity.

The exhibition will promote the importance of science as a career by making a solid and useful contribution to science teaching in local schools and also by contributing skills development through student and volunteer participation.

Entrance to the event will be free and the exhibition takes place on 4 and 5 April at the Natural Science Museum, City Hall. Patrons should use the Anton Lembede entrance to the venue and activities start at 8h30 and end at 14h30. 

For details contact Busi Gumede on 031 311 2248/56 or Thabo Mofokeng on 031 311 4820 or 082 7317456, email him at:

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