New R25 billion project in Durban


President Jacob Zuma officially opened the R25 billion Cornubia Housing Project in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.

The human settlements project will have 28 000 mixed income housing units, light industrial factories, retail parks, schools, various businesses and open parks, when complete.

The Cornubia Project is a joint venture between the National Department of Human Settlements, the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Human Settlements, eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality and Tongaat Hullet Development.

Zuma said, the launch of this prestigious project demonstrates that our Government continues to fulfill this Constitutional mandate of providing housing to the citizens of our country.

"And this democratic government does not just build houses, we also look at achieving other goals, such as building united, nonracial settlements, to reverse the apartheid legacy of divisions. The building of integrated settlements, where people from different racial groups can live together, marks a significant shift in South Africa. We want to effectively move away from the segregated settlements which were created by apartheid to house people on the basis of their race and sometimes even on the basis of clan as it happened in what is now Gauteng."

He said with projects such as Cornubia, the ANC Government and all its related agencies and partners seek to show our people that we have indeed left the days of racial segregation behind us. He said if If apartheid policy was to divide, then the ANC's is to unite the people across racial and class lines through sustainable human settlements. Government is working hard on similar projects around the country and in all nine provinces as part of improving the quality of life of all. Over 12 million South Africans have benefited from the 3,6 million houses and serviced sites provided by the democratic government since 1994.

The entire Cornubia development, which will be catering for a wide range of income levels, will be completed over a period of approximately 25 years. A total of 15 000 of these will be subsidised or low income houses. The settlement will also include substantial provisions for schools, clinics and amenities such as state of the art public transport infrastructure.

"I have been informed that two Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) routes linking Cornubia, Umhlanga and the nearby township of Phoenix are planned. The BRT routes will also link the area to the Dube Trade Port and the King Shaka International Airport about 7km north. The private sector is also catered for as there will be over 100 hectares of land that is set aside for business especially office spaces.

"As this is going to stretch over a period of years, at least two decades, it will also help to provide more employment opportunities in this area. Indeed, when looking back on the road travelled since 1994, we are proud to say that we have a good story to tell. This settlement confirms that South Africa is a much better place to live in now than it was before 1994.

"This project in particular, has succeeded due to the collaboration by all spheres of government, national, provincial and local government. Also important, is the involvement of the private sector, in the form of an important strategic partner, such as Tongaat-Hullet. We appreciate the support of the private sector in building a better South Africa," Zuma said.



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