Top minds in ICT convene at GovTech 2016


Participants in South African information and communications technology (ICT) discipline will convene at the Government Technology Conference (GovTech) 2016 at Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand, Gauteng, to gain important insights from some of the top minds in the industry.

Participating in this year’s event are leading drivers of “e-government” policymaking and execution, Honourable Dr. Siyabonga Cwele, Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services, as well State Information Technology Agency’s CEO Dr, Setumo Mohapi.

They will set the tone for the strategic deliberation that lies ahead at GovTech 2016, and will be joined by the “captains of industry” from private sector stakeholders in government’s “e-strategy”.

This includes Vuyani Jarana, chief officer of Vodacom Business, who is a seasoned executive and business leader with more than 19 years of experience in telecommunications and the ICT industry. In his current capacity, Jarana is responsible for business-to-business solutions and development delivery for the communications giant.

Jarana, who has extensive experience in Africa, will motivate the important role that digital technologies can play in educating the youth. As he notes, Africa has the youngest population in the world, with about two-thirds of its population under 25 years of age. To realise the promise of its youthful population, African governments need to disproportionally invest in quality education.

Jarana will show how ICTs can change the face of education through investment and commitment by all stakeholders by making this basic service more accessible to and affordable for citizens of the continent.

Jarana will be joined by Bruno Lanvin, executive director of INSEAD and the co-author of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Global information technology (IT) Report.

Lanvin will share his understanding of the global rankings in the latest report from the WEF and lessons to be learnt from countries that have scored highly. This important information will guide the priority focus areas for the South African government’s “e-strategy” between now and 2020 to improve its global ranking.

He will also touch on the key areas where the top performing countries really excelled and provide a comparison of South Africa’s ranking with other countries on the African continent.

Many delegates will also be interested in hearing chief economist of the Competition Commission of South Africa’s Dr. Liberty Mncube’s timely views on the importance of head-to-head competition in driving innovation in the local ICT industry.

During his presentation, he will unpack anti-competitive conduct in the ICT industry and the fundamentals necessary to ensure effective enforcement of anti-competitive agreements as a key driver of economic growth.

However, it is practical examples of just how the private and public sector is harnessing ICTs to improve service delivery that has always been a major driver behind the success of GovTech. This year’s edition will again feature presentations from top-ranking members of state directly involved in overseeing high-profile “e-government” initiatives.

This includes Godfrey Leseba, chairperson of the Integrated Justice System (IJS) Board of Department of Justice. Lesaba will provide a strategic update on progress being made on the IJS, which is one of the major initiatives driving national ICT spending in South Africa. With about 70 technology projects running, the IJS is expected to be fully functional by the end of the 2018/19 financial year, with 28 key performance indicators in place.

Highlights of his presentation will include updates on, among others, the Integrated Inmate Management System pilot at Johannesburg Correctional Centre; the first version of the Person Identification and Verification Application; and the electronic charge sheet and case outcome integration.

GovTech 2016 will be held from 31 October to 02 November to explore how technology is improving the lives of citizens.

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