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Government departments applauded for their commitment

Budget votes strongly aligned with strategy of NDP

Government applauds departments for their tr

These included, media briefings, meeting with key stakeholders, direct engagements with members of the public and exhibitions. This information-sharing process enables government to articulate key programmes for the coming year and demonstrates government’s commitment to serving the needs of South African public through concrete and measurable objectives.

A budget vote is a democratic principle in the Constitution that ensures that the government can only spend money if it has first been approved by Parliament. It highlights and prioritises activities that will be embarked upon in the financial year ahead. The departments have notably aligned the budget votes to the National Development Plan.

Acting GCIS CEO, Phumla Williams said, “The relationship between government and citizens is very important. Ultimately, government is accountable to citizens for decisions taken at all spheres of government. We have a clear planning and implementation cycle emanating from the tone set by the President each year in the State of the Nation address.”

“Ministers and their deputies have hosted regular media briefings before and after their budget votes to ensure that each citizen is aware of the government’s plan to improve their lives,” said Williams.

These engagements created an opportunity for interactions between government and stakeholders to communicate information which enables citizens to exercise their democratic right to hold government accountable.

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