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No child should die because of a lack of funds.

But this is precisely what is happening across South Africa due to a lack of access to life-saving treatments for certain childhood cancers.

Keanu van Giessen suffers from neuroblastoma, the third most prevalent childhood cancer, and amongst the leading causes of death in early childhood. Currently, without immunotherapy, neuroblastoma sufferers in Stage 3 and 4 have a slim chance of survival. Unfortunately, immunotherapy is only available abroad.

So, this is not just another round of golf: Every hole means hope.


Because this cancer is so highly aggressive, there is a 60% chance of recurrence. In the case of recurrence, the survival rate drops to less than 5%. But there is a treatment that changes the odds dramatically: immunotherapy. Currently only available abroad, this treatment is out of reach for countless South African children. Children like three-year old Keanu.

When first diagnosed in October 2017, 65% of Keanu’s bone marrow had been infiltrated with cancer, and there were tumours lodged in his chest and stomach. Since then, he and his family have been fighting to keep him alive. He is the ideal candidate for immunotherapy, as he has responded positively to the treatment he has received thus far in South Africa.

But he needs your help to put this life-giving therapy within reach.

We need to start somewhere: If just one South African child, like Keanu, can survive neuroblastoma with this treatment, it will confirm just how desperately we need it in South Africa for other children. On home ground, it will be far more accessible and affordable.

We need to turn the tide. We simply cannot accept that neuroblastoma is terminal, and permit children to die because the treatment is unavailable.

Please help Keanu. Sponsor the Keanu Charity Golf Day. Every shot and swing saves a
life, and every putt has a higher purpose.

Ultimately, it all depends on us. So, join us for a round of golf, and a chance of survival.

What you need to know about the day:

Date: 26 July 2018

Venue: Woodhill Country Club, 1143 Woodhill Dr, Garsfontein, Pretoria 0076

Tee off time: 11h00

MC: Conie de Villiers

- Cost (4-ball) - R 4000

- Sponsor a hole - R 2 500

- Banking details:

Digital et al

ABSA Current Acc


Branch code - 632005

Ref: Keanu

For more information, please contact Louis Fouche on 012 991 7810 or 073 167 1162 | E

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