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For me there has always been something special about September. Perhaps it’s the fact that it symbolises the end of the winter, or perhaps because it represents new growth in spring.

Whichever way I look at it, I can never really put my finger on what it is about September that puts a spring in my step. But looking around me, it's a very important month, never mind my little bit of intrigue. Like the blossoms on the trees, things suddenly start happening. We tend to become more socially active as we smell the sweet fresh scent of flowers in the air, and even in our careers we find ourselves starting the race to the end of the year.

This spring vibe even rubbed off at the office, as the team decided, amidst all 15 of our magazines going to print within days of each other, to do a bit of a redesign on tis publication. You will notice that we have completely changed the mast head on the cover. The previous one, which has over the years become a bit institutionalised, is now being replaced by a modern, positive, fresh and crisp logo - much more in tune with 21st century business and local government.

As for the rest of the design you will experience much more reader-friendly page layouts in our quest to present the country's most up to date and informative business-to-business local government magazine.

Back to September: September is Tourism Month, it's Heritage Month, it's the month in which we celebrate Unesco's World Literacy Day and National Braai day. All these events are, in my humble opinion, important for the economy and South African civilisation in general.

But more interestingly, and on a less social note, 2014 will be the first year for South Africa to celebrate Public Service Month in September. Launched by Deputy President, Cyril Ramaphosa, last month in Soweto, Public Service Month will serve as a reminder of what it means to serve communities and to also look at the type of impact the government on, particularly, issues of service delivery.

Public Service Month will also be an integrated strategic national event on the calendar of the Public Service and Administration and all the national and provincial departments are required to participate and put in place activities and campaigns to take service delivery to a higher productivity.

According to Ramaphosa, the main focus of Public Service Month 2014 will include creating opportunities to broaden consultation on the concept of reinventing how public servants do their work. This will involve interacting and engaging with the frontline public servants across the public service sector.

The event will also pledge to popularise and promote the 2013 Service Charter and will include unannounced visits and deployment of multi-departmental task teams, especially senior managers, to frontline service delivery sites.

Now in the light of supporting and underpinning troubled service delivery in South Africa, that’s an idea worth lighting the braai fires for – on any day of the week!

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