Plans to reduce energy

Dr Peter Mukomam (Chairman of PSEE Project), Joanne Yawitch (CEO NBI) and Derek Morgan (eThekwini Municipality’s Energy Office Senior Manager)

Is the rising cost of energy reducing your profits? The National Business Initiative (NBI) together with the Municipality launched the KZN Private Sector Energy Efficiency (PSEE) project last week, which might be the life line your business needs.

This joint initiative is cited as one of the main projects that will assist small, medium and large businesses to save electricity and increase profit margins. And equally as important, the main aim is to reduce the energy demand on South Africa’s over taxed grid.

Simply, this is a call for businesses to contact the PSEE to evaluate at no cost, how much electricity is being used, wasted and how you can save in your business.

EThekwini Municipality’s Energy Office Senior Manager, Derek Morgan said South Africa and especially the City is at a favourable junction with the recent announcement in December 2013 that NBI has been awarded £8.6 million by the United Kingdom (UK) Government through its Department for International Development (DFID) to implement a countrywide programme to improve Energy Efficiency in the private sector.\

“The PSEE programme speaks directly to our IDP. How do we change to a carbon low City? Does your business have policies to support an energy efficient business,” asked Morgan.

Speaker Logie Naidoo said although industry is the largest consumer of energy, the private sector remains an influential sector in energy savings in the City.

Credit: eThekwini municipality


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