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All good things come to an end, and so has my time as editor of this incredibly relevant publication as I unfortunately have to take a break from the media to attend to matters of a personal nature.

Life does seem to have a way to throw curveballs at one when one least expects it. The challenge however, as I have recently discovered, is not just to overcome the immediate difficulties, but to master the art of maintaining a positive attitude throughout whatever that challenge might be. Be it in business or in one's personal life.

Looking back at my time editing this publication (and the industry it serves) and how my role in it has evolved, I can surely say it has been a trip well travelled. When I initially took on Service magazine, it was in the capacity as guardian while looking for a suitable editor to drive the publication and take it to the next level under my supervision. But somehow as I became more and more interested in the business of local government, the municipal arena crept deeper and deeper under my skin. And as I realised day after day even more than I have done before how important it is for the media to put local government both under the magnifying glass and out there in the limelight, Service, like all the other magazines I have edited in my lifetime, became such a big part of my life that I ended up editing the publication for more than five years.

These five years have not been the easiest of times in our country, both on a political and economic level and needless to say, Service magazine was also at times affected by the situation in the country in many ways. But I have always been blessed to have worked on this publication with amazing teams, both editorially and on the sales side. So yes, even through trying times, I attribute the fact that our doors are still open, to all these people who have played such important roles in helping this mouthpiece for local government affairs to be able to continue to communicate with South Africa. At the same time, we could not have done it without the support of our regular advertisers. As I lay down my pen, even if it might only be for a brief period, I would like to thank everyone: readers, advertisers, PR agencies, municipalities and other government officials for their continuous support over the years and I trust that going forward, these relationships will become even stronger than ever.

I wish the remaining team of Service all the best of luck in their endeavours and in their quest to make this publication the most informative magazine dealing with local government issues.

Till we meet again.


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