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New journeys begin while others end...or take a break. As the new editor of Service Magazine, it’s my privilege to pay tribute to our former editor, Lindsay King, for the incredible work he produced with Service Magazine over many years.

I have had the good fortune and privilege to work with Lindsay for the past decade and in that time he has shared a great deal of his knowledge and experience with me. It’s an honour to have the opportunity to put that training to good use in my new role as editor of Service Magazine. From myself as well as the entire team at Service, we wish Lindsay great happiness and good fortune and hope he that he puts pen to paper soon again.

I recall how Lindsay always used to share with me his frustration of receiving what he claimed were ‘thousands’ of unread emails clogging up his email inbox, and always I would commiserate with him but, at the same time, offer a wry smile.

Thousands of emails? Yea, right, Lindsay!

However, having taken over the hot seat at Service Magazine, I myself now have first-hand experience of being inundated with hundreds upon hundreds of emails from all quarters. Now it’s my turn to face the challenge of fighting through those communications to unearth great stories and vital reading from all the story suggestions and pitches, newsletters and press releases.

I didn’t quite realise the challenge that Lindsay faced all these years, but I most certainly do now. Having said that, this mountain of emails is not a curse—far from it. Those emails brings with them invaluable communications and information from across South Africa, Africa and the rest of the world, and it is these stories that allow us to create what we hope is a valuable resource for you, the reader, about matters relating to local government and the public sector.

As a magazine editor, during the intense process of working through these stories editorially as well as in the design phase, you come to realise the value that these stories have and you hope that your readers are equally inspired to make the time to digest the information within. For me, personally, this issue contains great news and thought leadership about key issues such as service delivery, municipal budgeting and clean audits, as well as the importance of the word Partnerships when it comes to PPPs. However, it has also opened my eyes to the fact that South Africa has many world-class individuals, municipalities and technical and operational systems in place that are doing the work we need to create a land of incredible opportunity for all our people. In fact, in many cases we are recognised internationally for such achievements.

As we look towards the next issue and the ones that will follow, I would like to invite you to share your feedback, your insight and your knowledge with Service Magazine, because only with your support and insight can we continue to produce a magazine that has the knowledge sharing and insight that is so vital to helping all of you in your quest to deliver the best of services for our people.

One thing I must ask, though: please forgive me if I don’t respond quickly to your emails. You see, my inbox is overflowing with thousands of emails right now…

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