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Project Isizwe CEO, Alan Knott-Craig
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The 1 300 delegates that attended the  South African Local Government Association (SALGA) National Assembly in March at Gallagher Estate experienced the benefits of Project Isizwe’s Tshwane Free WiFi as well as WiFi TV as delivered by the City of Tshwane.

Thanks to a sponsorship by Connect Channel (Pty), delegates had access to both the Tshwane WiFi TV service and a SALGA TV service with two channels; the first with prerecorded videos from key SALGA representatives and a second with messages from various members recorded at the event and made available over the WiFi TV service. SALGA envisioned a paperless National Members Assembly for 2015, which was enabled by Project Isizwe through a combination of Free WiFi and a paperless content portal allowing access to all event material for all delegates to download with unlimited access.

Project Isizwe used the opportunity to showcase how it can run similar services in other areas over free WiFi networks. WiFi TV is a free and hyper-localised internet VOD service that provides unlimited access for users of the Tshwane Free WiFi network. The service streams video content in various areas of Tshwane - content that was created by young local film makers, offering relevant and engaging news and entertainment on topics such as music, current affairs, entrepreneurship, religion, jobs and sport.

The platform is used to communicate with the citizens of Tshwane directly via video, without the restriction of data costs, on the My City, Sosh, Mams, Att’ville and CBD channels. More channels will be added in the future to offer additional hyper-local content for communities in Tshwane. This will include dedicated music, sports and news channels to provide more entertainment and information for users. Tobetsa, the content portal which houses WiFi TV as well as educational and job-searching content for unlimited access, is available at more than 500 sites across Project Isizwe’s Free WiFi network in Tshwane.

“We are excited about the opportunity to show the delegates from municipalities all over the country how they can use Free WiFi and WiFi TV to communicate with their citizens,” says Alan Knott-Craig Jr, CEO of Project Isizwe, a non-profit organisation that aims to bring the internet to people across South Africa.

Using Free WiFi and WiFi TV at the event helped SALGA reach its objective to have a paperless event that included registration online and wireless delivery of content for the event. A total of 1237 unique users who were delegates at the assembly used the free WiFi service during the event.

Jean Robertson 

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