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City of Tshwane launches anti-fraud and corruption hotline

Blow the whistle in good faith

City of Tshwane anti-fraud and corruption hotline

The City of Tshwane has just launched an anti-fraud and corruption hotline to complement its existing anti-crime programme and root out corruption and fraud in its midst.

The objective of the hotline is to create an avenue for whistle-blowers to report their suspicions of fraud, theft and corruption anonymously. In accordance with the Protected Disclosures Act and the City of Tshwane Whistle-blowing Policy, whistle-blowers will be protected and not subjected to victimisation if they blow the whistle in good faith.

The City has announced an anti-fraud and corruption hotline number, 080 874 9263, to deal with fraud, corruption and theft allegations. The number translates to 080-TSHWANE to make it easy for residents to remember.

Reported cases will be treated confidentially and be referred for further investigation to the City’s Forensic and Investigation Unit. Whistle-blowers are encouraged to provide as much information as possible on their suspicions to enable effective investigation of their allegations. They will be provided with a reference number and can enquire on progress made on the allegations reported.

The hotline is managed independently by KPMG and will be operated 24 hours a day. Callers will be assisted in any of the official South African languages and the community is encouraged to report allegations in order to assist the municipality to free itself of fraud and corruption.


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