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The City of Cape Town’s Information Systems Department has developed a mobile (mobi) site to provide residents with an alternative way to log faults and request City services.

This new option for connecting with the City is available at residents' fingertips. Many people have access to smart mobile devices and now have the option of logging a service request via the City’s mobi site while on the go. 

‘We constantly strive to find innovative ways of improving service levels that will save our residents valuable time and money. We live in a digital era where smart phones and other mobile devices are more easily accessible to a larger sector of our population. The mobi site, a web page designed for these mobile devices, is now one more option available for our residents to access City services,’ says the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Corporate Services, Xanthea Limberg.

The uptake of the mobi site has been slow to date, but the City hopes that more residents will make use of it following their positive experience. Of the more than 20 000 service requests created via the eServices portal from 1 April 2014 to 31 March 2015, just over 400 were completed via the mobi site. The top three services requested related to streets lights that were not working (30 requests), illegal structures that had been erected (27 requests) and blocked or overflowing sewer systems (24 requests). 

Residents can use the mobi site to report faults such as potholes, water leaks, electricity failures and illegal dumping, among other service requests. The mobi site can be accessed at: 

Users should select the ‘Service Requests’ tab and go to ‘Create new service request’. Once a request has been chosen under the ‘Group’ tab, a few related options will pop up under the ‘Service’ tab. Users may then choose the most relevant service from the drop-down list.          

The address details of where the fault is and a description need to be completed on the request. Once the ‘Contact Details’ section has been filled in, the request can be submitted. Residents also have the option of uploading photographs.

On some mobile devices, residents logging onto the mobi site may automatically be directed to the homepage of the City’s website. Residents can still log their service requests either by choosing the ‘eServices’ tab under the Quick Links (on the right) or selecting ‘Service Request’ on the menu bar (on the left).

Service requests can also be logged via the following existing channels should residents opt to use the internet:

  • E-mail:
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

'We provide the innovative mechanisms (such as the mobi site) for residents to provide feedback to the City and we rely on residents to use these to help us improve service delivery. The City’s Call Centre receives an average of 4 000 calls per day and at times the waiting period can be longer than normal due to the volume of calls. Our alternative e-platforms help to save residents time and are available while on the go.

'The City cannot be aware of all faults unless residents bring them to our attention immediately. We are committed to ensuring that as many residents as possible are able to report these faults which will enable us to make progress possible, together. We urge those who are able to do so to make use of the e-platforms at their disposal. This will help to remove the frustration associated with waiting for a call centre agent to take your call,’ says Limberg.


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