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Preserving water at work

Green office week this year wil focus on water preservation at work
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Green Office Week (GOW) reminds us that sustainability issues are on the top of the agenda and whether your organisation is large or small, ‘green’ behaviours have to form a part of everyone’s work habits.

GOW this year takes place from Monday 22 April to Friday 26 April with 'water' being the global environmental theme. GOW will highlight the importance of conserving water this year as it's the United Nation's sustainability theme for 2013; it is vital to get all South Africans to understand the link between water and the survival of the earth’s species.

Water is a critical concern for businesses worldwide and is going to be a major asset for every citizen, every business and every government into the future.

Ana-Maria Valente, Green Office Week spokesperson, says GOW was designed to empower workers to realise that everyone – from the office cleaner to the managing director - can make a positive impact on the environment whilst at work.

“During the week, organisations focus on how to improve their recycling, waste management; water and energy conservation; buying green and reducing carbon footprint.

“This year’s motto is 'Lead the team; Keep it Green' which aims to get all working citizens to be active in motivating not only themselves but those around them as well to have better values,” Valente says.

To make the planning of activities as simple as possible, all the tips and ideas that you and your colleagues need to get started can be downloaded free from the website

The toolkit gives the necessary guidelines that make participation easier. The week starts off with a focus on saving water, Tuesday will focus on reducing the carbon footprint, Wednesday on saving Energy, Thursday on reducing waste and Friday on green eventing.

“We know that time is limited for most working people so the obvious thing to do is to make green office behaviours as easy as possible by providing actionable ideas covering the key areas where everyone can go green,” says Valente.

Green Office Week in South Africa is endorsed by SACCI, AHI and IPM and supported by SAQI. The goodwill Ambassador, Prof Mervyn King, is one of the world’s most passionate and respected figures on sustainability issues.

A major GOW initiative is the Green Heart Award, now in its second year; it recognizes the eco-heroes whoimplement green changes within the office environment. To find out more or enter a colleague please visit the website.

For tips and updates, like the GOW facebook page, follow GOW on twitter @greenofficeweek and visit for the toolkit.


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