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The metro's political heads and top officials engaged in a consultative process with external stakeholders during an Integrated Development Plan (IDP) and budget review at Robbie de Lange Hall in Greenfields.

Explaining the motivation behind holding the forum, council speaker Luleka Simon-Ndzele said that it was to present a detailed report to all stakeholders on the performance of the municipality's current financial year and to give an update to the public about their ward-based demands.

"We are serving the people; listening to their demands will be fulfilling the institution's mandate and vision of being a people-centred metro." The forum was held on Friday, 15 November. Among the topics discussed were climate change, traffic congestion and calming efforts, and housing needs.

"Climate change has, over the past two quarters, affected the institution's expenditure negatively," she said. "When we want to construct houses in our communities, it will rain and that will hinder our planning. We are going to look seriously at this environmental factor."

John Badenhorst, a councillor at the metro, assured those at the forum that it was in the metro's interests to satisfy the needs of all its communities. "Despite our delays, we are doing all in our power to make Buffalo City metro a safe place for everyone."

IDP budget and policy manager, Simphiwe Seti, said that a summary of the City's updated work for the past quarters had been issued. Members of the public could access it at various municipal offices. "Due to the amount and quantity of work the City is currently doing, we cannot stipulate all of it in detail but on the booklets we have stipulated key projects to show to the public how far we are with the expected projects for the current financial year."

The forum concluded with remarks from the deputy mayor, Temba Tinta, who urged people to comment on the metro's progress. "We encourage our stakeholders to submit their concerns and comments on the City's expenditure for the past two quarters."

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