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Cape Town CBD’s investment guide received the prestigious International Downtown Award, writes Simon Lewis.

An investment guide published annually on the economic climate of the Cape Town CBD has won a coveted merit award at the 60th annual International Downtown Association Conference held recently in Ottawa, Canada. The award was made in the category of Economic & Business Development for “developing successful marketing efforts and strategies that have recruited new businesses or improved retention efforts in a downtown.”

Published annually by the Cape Town Central City Improvement District (CCID), the guide’s recognition is particularly significant, said Tasso Evangelinos (Chief Operating Officer of the CCID), because: “The project was honoured as much more than just a publication. It speaks to the body of economic research being undertaken by many organisations across the CBD, so it also works extremely hard to drive the investment message in Cape Town.

The guide was chosen from among seven qualified international entries received in the category, which looks to honour those organisations working to further their city centres by undertaking the following:

  • Deliver successful programmes and strategies that have recruited new businesses or improved retention efforts in their downtown area,
  • Actively recruit new sectors of the economy to downtown, and
  • Create or enhance economic development efforts through creative financing, unique operating strategies or public-private partnerships.

According to David Downey, President and CEO of the International Downtown Association (IDA): “The CCID’s project received the IDA Merit Award for delivering excellence in downtown management. Each year the IDA Awards Jury recognises organisations that utilise best practices in our industry. The State of Cape Town Central City Report is a shining example of excellent downtown management delivering real value to the city.

Commenting on the honour, the Mayor Patricia de Lille said: “The City of Cape Town would like to congratulate the CCID on receiving an award for its work in identifying and highlighting economic and business opportunities in Cape Town. As the City, one of our key objectives is to create an opportunity city and a thriving economic environment which creates jobs. The CCID plays an important role in assisting government to create the landscape in which businesses and the economy can thrive. We are proud that the work of the CCID and that of Cape Town has again been recognised by the international community.”

The Washington, D.C., USA-based IDA is a champion for vital and liveable urban centres and strives to inform, influence, and inspire downtown leaders and advocates. With 500 international members, including the CCID, and thousands of friends, IDA is a guiding force in creating healthy and dynamic centres that anchor the wellbeing of towns, cities and regions.

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