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Crucial agreement signed at Nelson Mandela Bay

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The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality (NMBM) has signed a historic agreement with the Laphumalanga Transport Cooperative, which will further concretize the city's Integrated Public Transport System (IPTS).

The IPTS aims to and fulfils government’s commitment to provide a public transport system that is safe, affordable and reliable. In order to achieve this goal, a partnership was established between the NMBM, the Algoa Bus Company and taxi associations, represented by Laphumalanga.

In terms of the agreement, 60 taxi operators will be paid R6 500 each as a monthly compensation fee for their partnership with and participation in the 12-month pilot phase of the IPTS.

Speaking at the signing ceremony at the Noninzi Luzipho building, Laphumalanga Chief Operating Officer, Ayanda Qoko, said: “Today’s signing is indeed a great achievement for all of us, as it has come about after months of trials, tribulations, battles and upheavals. It has not been an easy road, but it is a road that we have all chosen – and that is to work with the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, so that we jointly provide our customers with an efficient, safe, affordable and reliable public transport service.

“There were indeed times when we thought that the Municipality was perhaps reluctant to deliver on its promises, but today’s signing puts paid to these negative sentiments. In this respect we would like to congratulate the Municipality for delivering on its commitments and in showing good faith towards our joint objectives. We trust that the payment process will be enacted without any hiccups.”

“We reiterate our commitment to the principles and objectives of the IPTS and that is to provide our commuters a transport service that is safe, affordable and reliable. We wish to instill confidence in our commuters that the IPTS is for them as it is a community-based and community-orientated transport system,” Luzipho said.

Deputy Executive Mayor, Chippa Ngcolomba, said: "One of the marks of any city that plays in the global arena is its transportation and logistics systems. South Africa has a vision for an integrated public transport system that is safe and reliable and one that is affordable to the working class. For this to happen, all the key stakeholders must be on board and in Nelson Mandela Bay we are proud to say that all stakeholders are on board. We are proud of the attitude, approach and commitment of our partners in Laphumalanga who share our vision, even if it means a change in what they are used to. We applaud them for their efforts and encourage their continued participation in the IPTS beyond the 12-month pilot period."

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