Mangaung trains councillors

Various councillors and officials attended the session

Councillors of Mangaung Metro attended an intensive one-day training session aimed at empowering them with knowledge and information which will help them to better serve their communities and the city.

“The importance of the workshop is to ensure that councillors are informed and are equipped with knowledge to serve the community effectively; but also to deal with personal administrative matters to assist in planning for future and retirement,” said the speaker, Mxolisi Siyonzana, in his welcome address to councillors, metro officials and service providers.

The workshop included, among other, presentations on:

  • the Regional Service Delivery Forums in the Metro areas;
  • governance processes and procedures;
  • cellular phone policy;
  • the demarcation process (determination of outer boundaries);
  • the Lokisa ditokomane campaign;
  • the Municipal Councillors Pension Fund;
  • the roll-out of the awareness program on paraffin safety; and 
  • the replacement of non-compliant appliances by the National Regulatory for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS).

The NRCS is a public entity that administers compulsory specifications, otherwise known as technical regulations, on behalf of the Minister of Trade and Industry.

Tumelo Mashiane of the NRCS said the entity is going to distribute 188 paraffin stoves in order to educate the communities in the area about the danger of non-compliant paraffin stoves and that their local office will undertake the awareness jointly with the Mangaung Metro.

The presentations also revolved around a progress report on the EPWP. In her presentation, Dikeledi Mohlakoana from the city’s EPWP programme updated councillors on EPWP projects currently being rolled-out in Mangaung.

In his remarks, the speaker raised concerns regarding the manner in which some of the projects are being rolled out.


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