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OPINION Approaching land expropriation without compensation
In late February, Parliament overwhelmingly voted for a motion to investigate if the Constitution should be amended to allow for expropriation of private property without
07 May 2018 - N. W.
About Service Magazine  
Service Magazine is South Africa’s leading publication covering issues affecting the public and private sectors on a local government level, across a variety of media
07 May 2018
EDITOR'S NOTE Forward moving
Welcome to another edition of South Africa’s leading magazine covering the issues affecting the public and private sectors on a local government level. Much has happened
07 May 2018 - R. S.
SUCCESS IS A CHOICE, IT'S NOT LUCK Grit and determination the essence of Calvin and Family
South African businesses are often in the news for all the wrong reasons: corruption, bribes and a lack of governance and transparency. Therefore, it is refreshing to meet a
07 May 2018 - N. S.
CAPE TOWN DROUGHT The realities of climate change and a city on its knees
Cape Town currently finds itself on the brink of serious disaster. The drought which the city is experiencing has wreaked havoc on its water supplies, and it is quite possible
07 May 2018 - A. h.
RURAL HOUSING LOAN FUND Who is Rural Housing Loan Fund?
Mandate Rural Housing Loan Fund (RHLF) is one of the Human Settlements Development Finance Institutions, which was established by the national government in 1996. Rural Housing
07 May 2018
The AI moment Preparing for the revolution
Artificial intelligence, AI, is the next big technology to have entered mainstream consciousness. From eerie androids such as Sophia to the silent efficiency of automated delivery
24 Apr 2018
ITU Telecom World 2018 Innovation for a smarter world
Creativity and innovation have driven human development throughout the course of history.  From agriculture to industry to the information age, revolutionary innovations in
23 Apr 2018
SUCCESS STORY Not even blindness could stop achievement of his dream
Ten years ago, 52-year-old John Stephens’ eyesight started deteriorating. People looked blurry and letters were indistinct. He first blamed his fuzzy vision on astigmatism,
29 Jan 2018
‘Fight for Water’ Campaign KO Victory for SBS Tanks® ‘Fight for Water’ Campaign
SBS Tanks® has stepped into the sporting arena to team up with KZN Boxing in a new campaign called ‘Fight for Water’, which has been fully sanctioned by Boxing SA.
11 Jan 2018
PRESS RELEASE Garden Route Investment Conference
Significant investment attraction for the Garden Route is currently underway through strategic partnerships between the Eden District Municipality, Provincial Government, Local
10 Jan 2018
ECONOMIC AND WATER POVERTY From economic and water poverty to prosperity
We need to unlock more water resources and drive efficiency in our existing supplies to stimulate the economy and job growth. As our climate is changing and the main input into
20 Nov 2017

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