A QUESTION OF DEMOCRACY Democracy should be about achieving equality,promoting the welfare of the people and building a thriving society
The dialogue that is introduced when one speaks about democracy is always extensive and subject to many mixed emotions. It is a topic that favours the ideas of freedom and
13 Nov 2017
RESEARCH THE KEY TO NEW FRONTIERS The local government cannot stagnate, therefore, it is imperative that systems are in place to ensure that does not happen—and those systems are then filtered down to local government employees, writes Andrew Hallett
When one thinks of government, one may automatically think of those in charge such as President Jacob Zuma right down to your ward councillor. These figures play a vital role,
08 Nov 2017
CHALLENGES FACING THE SKILLS DEVELOPMENT FACILITATORS Challenges facing the Skills Development Facilitators in the implementation of skills development interventions
Executive summary Skills development in South African municipalities is in a potential crisis. The findings of the research conducted by the School of Public Leadership at the
08 Nov 2017
COLLABORATION FOR IMPACT The NEMISA partnership framework is geared towards making SA an e-skilled nation by 2030
From individuals and companies to countries and global networks, there is a realisation that large challenges cannot be overcome alone. This equally applies to developing the
08 Nov 2017
About Service Magazine  
Service Magazine is South Africa’s leading publication covering issues affecting the public and private sectors on a local government level, across a variety of media
31 Oct 2017
NEW NATIONAL TOURISM SECTOR STRATEGY Private Sector Initiatives Move the New National Tourism Sector Strategy Forward
Minister of Tourism, Tokozile Xasa, recently consulted with the tourism industry on the revised National Tourism Sector Strategy (NTSS), which aims to increase the sector’s
20 Oct 2017
EDITOR'S NOTE Changing dynamics
New journeys begin while others end...or take a break. As the new editor of Service Magazine, it’s my privilege to pay tribute to our former editor, Lindsay King, for the
19 Oct 2017
SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR RAKES IN OVER R600-MILLION TURNOVER Innovative Solutions Group™ takes the market by storm
South Africa’s economy owes a lot to those businessmen and entrepreneurs whose success has spurred job creation and skills development. One such individual is Arnoux
19 Oct 2017
THE LAW BEHIND THE TRIPLE P Many PPPs have turned out to be great success stories, but there are far to few going around
Public-Private Partnerships, or PPPs, have become more commonplace in South Africa since the rise of South Africa’s constitutional democracy. Despite the initially
19 Oct 2017


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