HOW TO RETAIN STAFF IN TOUGH BUSINESS TIMES As the country’s economy continues to look bleak, South African businesses are under extreme financial distress, with both employers and employees feeling the pinch. 
This is according to Kay Vittee, CEO of Quest Staffing Solutions, who indicates that with the largest volume of protests seen in the South African history, including university
01 Sep 2016
JSE EXCHANGE HUB CAPE TOWN JSE officially opens JSE Exchange Hub Cape Town
The official launch of JSE Exchange Hub Cape Town today has reinforced the important role that the City of Cape Town plays in building South Africa’s Capital Markets. The
01 Sep 2016
ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT IN SOUTH AFRICA Building female owned businesses is critical to economic and social development in South Africa
Women are underestimated powerhouses of an economy. This is not a fact that is relevant only to South Africa, but it is a global phenomenon. Mike Anderson, CEO and founder of the
01 Sep 2016
WASTE MANAGEMENT WasteCon 2016 to unveil newly ‘changed face’ of waste management
Waste-wise organisations cannot afford to miss out on Africa’s largest and most prestigious waste management conference - WasteCon 2016. As the Institute of Waste Management
24 Aug 2016
SAPICS – your supply chain community Reduce, reuse, recycle isn’t enough
Change is needed throughout entire product lifecycle
24 Aug 2016
MOZAMBIQUE MARITIME CONTRACTS Privinvest Comments on Mozambique Maritime Contracts
Privinvest Comments on Mozambique Maritime Contracts
18 Aug 2016
TRAIN AND EDUCATE YOUR TEAM 10 Cost effective ways to train and educate your team members
It has been said that there are only two ways that a manager can improve a team’s output:  motivation and training. Businesses need a more effective workforce during
17 Aug 2016
IoDSA South Africa needs competent directors
The Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan, has recently renewed his calls for a new board to be appointed at South African Airways (SAA). His comments come as the national
17 Aug 2016
MERCER's COST OF LIVING SURVEY Luanda 2nd, Johannesburg 205th and Cape Town 208th According to Mercer’s Cost of Living Survey
Hong Kong leads as Kinshasa makes big jump up the ranking ladder in Mercer’s ( 22nd annual Cost of Living Survey Luanda stays to be one of the most expensive
17 Aug 2016

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